Case Study

Respryn Road, Cornwall

Domestic Fire Sprinkler installation and commissioning for 44 new homes in Cornwall.

About Project:

Our proposal and quotation for the installation of domestic sprinkler systems for a regional developer, for a site consisting of 44 well designed new homes for social rent and shared ownership located at Respryn Road in Cornwall. We were awarded the work and tasked with providing the system design, system installation and commissioning.

We are incredibly proud to be part of this ongoing initiative, the Respryn Road development is set to make a significant positive impact on the community, providing safe and affordable housing options for individuals and families in Cornwall. We have been selected as the chosen contractor due to our competitive pricing, quality of our proposal, previous work, and being an approved member of the IFC so can provide approved IFC certification.

As a company committed to prioritising the installation of domestic sprinkler systems this project has been perfect for us. These systems play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of residents by swiftly detecting and suppressing fires, minimising potential damage, and giving occupants valuable time to evacuate.

A fire sprinkler system is designed to detect and extinguish or control fires in buildings. A domestic sprinkler system consists of a network of water pipes that are installed throughout a structure, with sprinkler heads positioned strategically to provide coverage, the sprinkler system is connected to a reliable water source, such as the municipal water supply or a dedicated water tank. The water is held back by a valve, keeping the system pressurised.

The sprinkler heads are individually designed to activate at specific temperatures, when the temperature in the vicinity of a sprinkler head reaches the predetermined level, the sprinkler bulb bursts, releasing the water. Once a sprinkler head is activated, it releases water in a specific pattern and flow rate, the water is distributed over the affected area, suppressing or controlling the fire.

Unlike in movies, fire sprinkler systems are designed to activate only in the immediate vicinity of the fire, where the high temperatures trigger the sprinkler head, this localised response helps prevent water damage in areas not affected by the fire. In addition to activating the sprinkler system, the control panel triggers an audible and visual alarm to alert occupants and emergency services about the fire.

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