Residential Fire Sprinklers

Residential Fire Sprinklers Systems

A fire sprinkler system is a common fire protection measure widely used across residential and commercial environments. A basic fire sprinkler will consist of a water supply system which applies pressure and flowrate to a water distribution piping system which in turn are then connected to a fire sprinkler.

In recent years the use of fire sprinklers had been limited to commercial properties such as factories and large commercial buildings.

However with the advancement of technology fire sprinklers are now available to all, many of which at a very low cost.

Axis Fire Spinklers provide a professional and efficient installation service, sourcing fire sprinklers and installing them easily, swiftly and at a very low cost.

Fire Sprinklers Design & Installation

Fire sprinklers are widely installed in residential homes, schools, nursing homes and apartment blocks as they are highly important and can save lives. Although fire alarms and extinguishers can be fitted they are less effective in comparison to a fire sprinkler as fire alarms alert you that there is a fire, however they do not prevent the fire from spreading.

In some cases fire sprinklers need to be installed to meet the building regulations.

In recent times fire sprinklers have been known to be unsightly, ugly and look out of place. However this no longer needs to be the case. Fire sprinklers do not have to be unsightly they now can blend into any environment and match any decor. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours some even have decoratuve caps and features.

Due to modern stylings a residential sprinkler system can be completely concealed within the walls or floors of a property and so will go goes unnoticed by visitors. Sprinklers come in a variety of designs to suit any application and these include pendent, recessed, concealed and sidewall sprinklers.

About Axis Fire Sprinklers

We provide a residential fire sprinkler installation service to customers around the south of the UK. Over the last few years, we have supplied and installed hundreds of domestic and residential sprinkler systems.

Our residential fire sprinklers are proven to reduce the impact of fires, and even save lives. The installation of fire sprinklers in your property can lead to various trade-offs – including the omission of fire doors that would otherwise be required.

If you are serious about improving the general safety of your premises, our office and design team will be on hand to help you through the process.

Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

Protect your home and family by installing a cost effective fire sprinkler system from Axis Fire Sprinklers. Our team will design and install a system that complies with Building Regulations and BS 9251, giving you peace of mind now and in the future.


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