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Fire Sprinkler System Broadstone

Design, supply, install, test, and commission of a sprinkler system for 12 apartments in Broadstone.
sprinkler system broadstone

About Project:

Axis Fire Sprinklers were tasked with installing a Fire Sprinkler System at 20 Upton Way in Broadstone. The project consists of 12 apartments divided into 2 blocks, with 6 apartments in each block. We handled everything from system design to installation and commissioning, ensuring that the client received the assurance that the work was carried out by an IFC-approved company.

We installed all pipework, monitored risers, sprinkler caps and Lumi-Plugin Sprinkler Heads. What sets this installation apart is the utilisation of Lumi-Plugin Sprinkler Heads, which offer a unique blend of functionality and style. These concealed sprinkler heads boast IP65 rating and fire ratings of 30/60/90, ensuring both safety and sophistication. By integrating lighting and sprinkler functions, they redefine interior illumination, creating a sleek aesthetic while maximising ceiling space. Their modular design and pre-wiring streamline installation, making the process as efficient as possible. Additionally, they provide comprehensive protection by combining alarms, suppression systems, and emergency lighting, ensuring absolute safety.

The company behind these innovative lights places a premium on sustainability, proudly standing as a carbon-neutral entity. Their commitment to environmental stewardship applies to every aspect of their design, with one downlight offering multiple plugins.

In the event of a fire the Lumi-plugin lights spring into action with remarkable efficiency. Equipped with fire detection capabilities, these lights swiftly identify the presence of flames. Once detected, the sprinkler head seamlessly activates, initiating a rapid response, from the centre of the light fixture, a controlled spray of water discharges effectively suppressing the fire and creating a safe passage for swift evacuation.

The installation of a fire sprinkler system at 20 Upton Way has significantly bolstered the safety and security of both the property and its residents in case of a fire. Potentially leading to reduced insurance premiums. Many insurance providers offer discounts for properties equipped with fire sprinkler systems, recognising them as proactive measures that mitigate the risk of fire-related damages.



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